Weeping Willow Replanted

A piece by Steve Tilston for Bert Jansch

Recorded in Hebden Bridge, United Kingdom
January 2019

Steve writes: My piece is a bluesy one. That is how I got in to Bert’s music in the first place, through the blues which he performed a lot. This is my rewrite of an old blues pieces that Bert, and Wizz Jones used to play called ‘Weeping Willow Blues’ I have called mine ‘Weeping Willow Replanted’. I’m sure you can hear echoes of Bert’s guitarist ‘filigree’ there. I make no bones about that. I first saw Bert play in 1965. I was 15 and still at school. Needless to say, I was mesmerised by his playing and whole demeanour. I spent a lot of time listening to and learning to play his music. And soon it became apparent that I was not alone. There were many like me who had fallen under the spell of his music.

We got to know each other in the early 70s, when we had the same manager gigging together regularly and meeting socially around the Half Moon in Putney and in family walks in Richmond Park with children in tow. When he had his music shop, I would often go over and we’d end up playing tunes together. He was a good friend and always in inspiration. This Yamaha TransAcoustic is a nice guitar and it plays well.

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Ralph McTell says: “Steve writes beautiful words and melodies and when our generation of songwriters is assessed on our contribution to our time, Steve’s work will rank alongside much better-known artists.”  And Bert Jansch said: “Steve is a songwriter and guitarist I admire.”