A Melody of Gratitude

A piece by Rolf Skytte for Bert Jansch

Recorded in Århus, Denmark
March 2019

“It always seemed to me that Bert played his guitar like a rally car driver, steering down a dirt road at full speed – not predictable, but always under control! His voice might crack, and tempos might change twice in a bar – even then, all was expression – and always a human vibration. I am very thankful that I have learned of this aspect of music, through listening to Bert. In my tribute, I try, as I always do, to channel his essence in my own way.  Originally, I wanted to sing as well, but I just couldn’t do both. The creation of A Melody of Gratitude has sparked my ambition to write more songs, and I am looking forward to bringing what I saw in Bert with me.”

“Bert Jansch’s sound is deeply nestled in my innermost memory. It was my father who played his songs, and the whole family listened at home or in the car. My brother lives at the other end of Denmark, and he stills listens to Jansch as well. Back in those days on the bus to school, with headphones, listening, I heard not only the music, but also something more – Jansch’s character, his poetic view on existence, his humility in doing what he did. Through the beauty of his music, his voice, calm or energized – whatever the song – he communicated to me a clear look on life.”

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