Mariam And Her Sister

A piece by Peder Skytte for Bert Jansch

Recorded in Skibby
April 2019

This was the first song I thought of when I was accepted to Around the World in 80 plays. It is hugely inspired by Bert’s songwriting and way of playing. It’s one of the first songs I was able to complete. Not that I didn’t write any songs before, but none seemed to work out well for me. My inspiration from Bert comes from his music – and what he says: that all he writes is self-experienced. From Bert I learned to keep a connection to the lyric, often transformed into a poetic form.

“Always I will be able to hear his tone among others, so clear and touching, so original and true. His songs are more than just a song to me, they seem to have grown out of his guitar playing, the words (poetry), his singing, true creations … so original and clear, I believe he touches every soul.”

I have made 2 CDs – Ten Twines and Pouring Rain and Stormy Weather

Ten Twines never came out officially, but even so, I am still very fond of it.

I sailed with the Sea Stallion from Roskilde to Dublin, and here I experienced a similar landscape to Bert’s. Pouring Rain and Stormy Weatheris my impression from that voyage.