Time Now To Go

Recorded in Edinburgh
April 2019

“I wrote the music after an evening listening to Bert’s eponymous 1965 album on repeat. Soaked as I was in his spellbinding playing, I sat down at the guitar mesmerised and inspired by what I’d heard (despite having heard it so many times in the past). The musical structure of this song was what resulted.”

Simon says: “I grew up studying the classical guitar but a chance encounter with Bert’s music changed my perspective upon the instrument, and I became immersed in his approach.  My own guitar style now draws heavily from Bert and his contemporaries as well as from my classical training.  The importance of that early listening to Bert’s oeuvre and absorbing his playing, and then trying to imitate his unique style cannot be over-emphasised in the development of my own.”

Simon’s first full-length album ‘Carefree Prisoner’ was released in 2009 to complimentary reviews nationwide. He has since produced many more acclaimed albums, including several purely instrumental ones.