Honor the Gardener

A piece by Rolly Brown for Bert Jansch

Recorded in Sellersville
April 2022

Rolly says: “I wrote this piece as soon as I was nominated for this journey, paying homage to Bert’s style. I tried to incorporate many of his devices: inner harmony lines built on hammers and pulls, vibrato and bent notes, and some of his and John Renbourn’s structural elements. The title is a reference to Bert’s often quoted statement that he would have probably been a gardener if music hadn’t panned out. I saw Bert perform several times through the ’70s and ’80s and played on the same bill with him at the Tasmanian Folk Festival in Australia around 1982, but never got to meet him.”

“Bert remains one of my greatest guitar heroes. I’m so pleased to be affiliated with this special project for Bert Jansch.”

Artist's own music


Rolly has released 7 CDs on his Aussie Dog label.