Fresh as a Sweet Sunday Morning

and describes his relationship with Bert

Recorded in Monterey
November 2019

Rick says “Bert has had (and continues to have) a significant impact on my life, both musically and otherwise, unlike anyone else I’ve encountered. It was such an unexpected blessing to be befriended by my guitar hero, seemingly right out of the blue, back when I was just 16. And who knew this encounter would be a thread that would continue for 50 years!  It was so great to hear him playing as good as ever, when invited me to one of his last shows in the US, opening for Neil Young, and to experience Bert sober and with an open heart, with his wife he obviously deeply loved at his side, both of them involved in battles for their lives, but still loving life and treating the world to this unique, totally unself-conscious style of playing and singing.”

“Perhaps the most important thing I learned from Bert is his commitment to authenticity. All his influences when filtered through the soul of Bert, dissolved to become the sound of Bert Jansch, which is like none other. I think 80 Plays is a very unusual, clever and ingenious concept and a great way to honour Bert and his legacy. I’m so glad to be part of it.” Rick also played his own composition It Could be An Antelope on the 80 Plays TransAcoustic guitar against the scenic backdrop of Monterey Bay.

Rick is pictured below with Tommy Emmanuel perusing the notes in the diary travelling with the guitar, with Bert in London (taken in 1979) and in California.

Artist's own music