For Bert Jansch

Recorded in Notting Hill
August 2019

Anne Briggs (about whom Richard wrote his iconic song “Beeswing”) taught Bert Blackwaterside. Richard says he first heard it played by Bert in a folk club and has since performed it throughout his career both solo and with colleagues such as Sandy Denny. He adds: “Bert could take the blues and jazz and traditional British folk music and blend those together into a style. He was also a great songwriter.”

Richard says, “I have two kinds of playing that are very different: acoustic and, of course, electric. For acoustic, Bert really helped me, Doc Watson, also. You know, I started with acoustic guitar at a young age. It helped to be able to get the finger technique going then. There’s also a lot of Scottish influence and Appalachian.”

young Richard Thompson from the archives

Richard Thompson’s discography includes studio and live albums as a solo artist, with Fairport Convention and as Richard and Linda Thompson. He has also appeared as a guest musician on the albums of several other artists.