She Moves Through the Fair

Recorded in Pernes les Fontaines, France
November 2019

Philippe says: “For me, Bert’s music is universal and timeless. It intrigues, then captivates, fascinates, hypnotizes. It is a Magic Music, because it transports us, very high, or very low; but always with the same rigour and disconcerting originality in order to praise the ‘Beauty’. This song reminds me of this beautiful sentence which I think is significant in the context: ‘Between love’s blindness and the clarity of knowledge, I choose love’s opacity that eases my pain’– Nasio”

“I work in nature and in distillation; not distillation for Scotch Whisky, but of essential oils. Bert’s music is a distillation – a mixture of restraint and rage, power chiselled in lace …a quest for the absolute of perfection. It opens up worlds of lyricism, romanticism, multiple poems, mysterious evocations, unknown voyages.”

Philippe Rouquié

Artist's own music