Rosemary Lane and Bird Song

Nir says “I chose to play ‘Rosemary Lane’ and ‘Bird Song’ because I love the album Rosemary Lane. I love that it is based solely on one guitar, and one voice yet there is such a diversity of tunes: original songs, arrangements of traditional songs, and instrumentals. I feel that there is mellowness in this album to which I really connect. I like the story of ‘Rosemary Lane’ and the guitar accompaniment that has special bass lines. For ‘Bird Song’, I love the different birds and that they symbolize different types of people. Another thing I love is the guitar accompaniment in DADGAD. Bert played and composed in a beautiful and very original way.”

“When I first heard ‘Running from Home’ I learnt that song on the spot. From then on, I wanted to play more and more of Bert’s songs. I remember playing and pausing the CD, in order to figure out the exact notes and chords positions until I got it into my fingers. His influence has helped me to find my own voice as a player as well as a composer. Bert has made me search for that certain enchanting sound that makes the wood sing.

I have uploaded many Bert covers onto my YouTube channel. I thought it would be nice to see Bert live, so I travelled to the UK in 2011, and luckily, I managed to get a ticket to the Pentangle reunion concert at the Royal Festival Hall on 1 August. I enjoyed it so much and was very excited seeing and hearing them live. I was so fortunate, as that was Bert’s very last public performance.”

Nir is working on his second album.

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