Madam I’m a Darlin’

A trad piece chosen by Kevin Carr for Bert Jansch

I’ve known ‘Madam I’m a Darlin’’, sometimes called ‘Chester City’, for ages, and I think I first heard Frank Harte sing it. Thinking about the kind of song Bert would have done a great job with, this came to mind. My first fingerpicked piece was ‘Angie’. I spent all of my 20th year busking in Europe, and I often tried to channel the kind of sounds I had heard Bert make. That time is still a formative part of who I am musically, and it was wonderful.

I loved Pentangle – the drive, majesty and mystery in Bert’s music always took me to somewhere deep and revivifying. I connected emotionally (not as intellectually as I now wish – since my guitar playing was always intuitive, and often improvised).