played by Johnson Hogg for Bert Jansch

Recorded in Treillieres, France
May 2020

“Chambertin is a challenging piece and I think no one really does it justice.  I would like to try. It is inspiring as it has an array of many things going on at the same time, its harmonies are perfect, its energy dynamic. It’s a true fingerstyle folk piece of Bert’s music – which is so creative and presents clever compositional directions. The skill level is far above any others.”

Johnson also recorded on the 80 Plays guitar ‘Black Water Side’, ‘Back Home’ and ‘M’Lady Nancy

“My older brothers all tried their hands at Bert’s music – and like them, I seemed to have had the knack. I played Bert songs at the local pub folk night – when I was underage –  and was duly banned having had a beer in my hand! I met Bert in the interval of a Pentangle concert in Wales in 1984. We had a lovely chat and he told me he had a relative with the same surname, Hogg.”


Johnson has a YouTube channel