A piece by Davey Graham played by John Chandler for Bert Jansch

Recorded in Liverpool
March 2019

John says: “Bert was a huge influence on my guitar playing. I started my music career in the mid-1960s playing his version of Anji and other instrumentals around folk clubs in Liverpool. My guitar stayed firmly in its case though, on the only occasion when we actually rubbed shoulders, in Les Cousins in 1967. (He got closer to my wife, before I met her, when Pentangle we’re drowning their sorrows in her Bristol hotel bar after their instruments were stolen. He asked her to marry him but she, probably wisely, turned him down!) I hope I am experienced enough by now, to do justice to Anji in honour of Bert.”

John balances making music with a career in managing services for children and families. He firmly reconnected with Bert’s music at John Renbourn’s Gilwell Park 2014, Bert themed, residential workshop. (Some of John’s photos are on the Bert Jansch Foundation home page re that event). He had arranged for John Renbourn to come to perform at the Liverpool Irish Festival but, sadly that wasn’t to be.

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