Silver and gold

a piece inspired by Bert Jansch

Recorded in Liverpool
March 2020

“I wrote this for my second solo album How Could We Be Wrong? At the time, I was listening to Bert Jansch and Pentangle all the time. I also attended one of Pentangle’s last concerts at the Liverpool Philharmonic. I think some of his energy soaked into the songs on this album, including this song. I can’t pinpoint exactly where or how, because my own style is different in many ways and individual to me  – perhaps it is the use of tunings which link folk, blues, jazz and Eastern music. People have consistently referenced Bert Jansch when describing my music.”

“I’ve always loved the ‘troubadour’ aspect of Bert, and his work with The Pentangle. It is only later on, for me, when I was looking for inspiration for my own music that I realised what an amazing and natural guitarist/musician Bert was. His playing reached into me and spoke to me; Bert was a person of integrity who always stuck to his musical guns, which has inspired me to try to do the same.”