Let It Be Sun

A piece by Gabriel Kazz for Bert Jansch

Recorded in London
December 2018

The title Let It Be Sun comes from, and is inspired by, the lyrics of Bert’s Fresh as a Sweet Sunday Morning: Let there be music to please her / Let it be sun bright to light up her day / Let the moon light her night / And fill her with deep silent sleepiness. Gabriel says: “I feel that Bert’s work is dredged in a kind of ‘mystique’ hard to describe. Not only from the beauty of his compositions and lyrics – but as you play something by Bert on your instrument, it’s as if you are witnessing a kind of forgotten, magical language unfolding under your fingers. It’s mysterious and fantastic!”

Gabriel adds: “I still can’t believe this: Somehow, I have had the incredible honour to be a part of Around the World in 80 Plays, a beautiful homage to one of my idols (and my mother’s): the late great folk guitarist Bert Jansch. I had this amazing Yamaha TransAcoustic guitar at home for a few days in December and it’s been a magical experience.”

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Gabriel released his first EP ‘Helium’ in 2017. He is working on new songs for 2019.