Song For Bert

A piece written and played by Faint Lights for Bert Jansch

Recorded in Delft, The Netherlands
February 2019

René Meester says: “We wrote this song as a tribute to Bert Jansch shortly after he passed away in 2011. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to play it for this journey. We recorded it in the livingroom of the house of our other guitarist John, in the old centre of Delft. Behind us you see a painting (as a wallpaper) of ‘The Milkmaid’ by Vermeer, who also came from Delft. There’s also another familiar face in the background! We hope to do his legacy justice with our music.

Bert Jansch as a person and his music has always been a much-loved subject of conversation within our band. His unique playing, compositions and techniques still are a challenge and inspiration for acoustic guitarists all over the world and most certainly for myself and John, the other guitarist in our trio.

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