That's My Girl

A piece by Didier Bégon for Bert Jansch

Recorded in Reims, France
January 2020

“I wrote this piece which I dedicated it to Bert Jansch, more than four years ago. The inspiration came from two sources: A new delicious guitar that I had just bought and a film (which I cannot remember the title of) where we heard a song of Bert Jansch at several moments, and which gave an autumn colour and a ‘spine’ to the whole movie. This instrumental piece, which I called ‘That’s My Girl’, is a tribute to our guitars, the companions of our lives. ‘That’s My Girl’ is a bit of a forgotten movie soundtrack.”

Didier adds “I’ve been a fan of Bert Jansch for a long time, and also especially John Renbourn and all the ‘underground’ and ‘folk’ artists that emerged in the ’60s. For me Bert’s music is a wonderful guitar game and an all-embracing voice. He was a one-off, which placed him in the pantheon of the greatest ‘Lo-Fi’.”