The Flower of Magherally

An old Irish folk song played by Dave Ogden for Bert Jansch

Recorded in Bakersfield, California
September 2021

This is a version of a trad song that Bert would have heard in the folk clubs in Scotland or Ireland or on trips to America and I think would have liked. With rhythmic fingerstyle guitar accompaniment, it’s right up his alley. I’ve loved Bert’s music since I first found it while I was a teenager. One of the record stores in my hometown of Spokane, Washington carried lots of English folk LP’s and I started with his work in Pentangle then his solo albums. I still have all my old LPs, including eight of Bert’s albums and four by Pentangle, as well as his albums I could only find on CD, like LA Turnaround.  I remember playing and singing songs like ‘The Snows’ while I was in high school.

Dave has played in a trad Irish band at a pub in Ventura CA bi-weekly for over 10 years and has a professional recording studio on his ranch in the mountains of central California. His solo guitar album, And Why Not, was released in 2010, and his next album is in the works.