The Wheel

A Bert cover by Dariush Kanani for Bert Jansch

Recorded in Camden Town, London
January 2019

Dariush writes: “The Wheel’, from Bert’s 1965 album ‘It Don’t Bother Me’, has always been a favourite of mine among his many captivating instrumentals. It’s unlike anything I have ever heard in the way of fingerstyle guitar playing. Its cyclical pattern branches off to jagged counterpoint lines which expand and open up as the piece develops. The combination of dissonance and resolve is deeply satisfying and is a wonderful example of Bert’s preference for unconventional chord voicings that so much contribute to his signature sound.  In the original liner notes Bert says: ‘This number represents the spinning, turning of a wheel.’ Indeed, Bert has been turning the wheel of acoustic guitar playing for nearly sixty years and I dare say, built many of the spokes himself!”

Dariush’s colleagues on stage at the Wizz Jones’ 80th birthday concert on Wednesday 24 April 2019, 19:30 at The Cadogan Hall in London, included Ralph McTell, Steve Tilston, Clive Carroll, Simeon Jones, Edwina Hayes and Pete Berryman.

Artist's own music and media

Dariush released his debut album of his own compositions, ‘Mr Troubadour’ in 2015.