Make Your Own World

Recorded in Lamppost Cafe, Belfast
January 2019

Colin says: “Early in January 2019, hoboing troubadour Steve McCann invited me to take part in an event at the Black Box café under the Bert Jansch Foundation’s‘Around the World in 80 Plays’ initiative. The muse tapped me on the shoulder, and I wrote a new song directly inspired by Jansch. I performed, Make Your Own World’ on the night along with ‘Blues for a Green Earth’ (that I had performed with Bert himself in 2004) and Anne Briggs’ ‘The Time Has Come’ (with Anna Grindle).”

“A few days after Steve’s concert – which was filmed by Mark Case and will doubtless appear online in various bits – Mark very kindly filmed me in a controlled environment (the Lamppost Café) talking about Bert’s influence and playing the new song as well as ‘Blues for a Green Earth’ using the fabulous TransAcoustic guitar that had been supplied to Steve by the Foundation, before travelling on to someone else around the world.”

Artist's own music

Although a non-performing musician, and a non-singer, Colin was happy to make an exception on both counts, in the spirit of the ‘Around the World’ venture and perform three pieces connected with Bert at Steve McCann’s Belfast gig in the series. Colin’s recordings include Sunset Cavaliers(2016) and Titanium Flag(2017).