Poll Ha’penny/Máirseáil Uí Néill

Traditional Irish Tunes arranged and played by Clive Carroll for Bert Jansch

Recorded in Elsenham
May 2019

Clive videoed a medley of very old Irish tunes which he hopes everyone enjoys. Poll Ha’penny is a ‘set dance’, supposedly derived from a 17th century harp tune, ‘Molly McAlpine’, by one of the Connellan brothers. ‘Máirseáil Uí Néill’ (O’Neill’s March) is a traditional Irish march, associated with the famous O’Neill family. Clive says “John Renbourn and I often played duets and sometimes he would give me Bert’s part to work on. This gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in Jansch’s style and voicings, which always complimented Renbourn’s equally distinctive sound.”

Artist's own music


Clive has released four solo albums; Sixth SenseThe Red Guitar (which Tommy Emmanuel cites as one of his desert island discs!), Life in Colour and The Furthest Tree.  Clive has also written music for television and film, most notably composing the music for the film Driving Lessons, which features Julie Walters and Rupert Grint.