Fresh as a Sweet Sunday Morning

Recorded in Yorkshire
September 2022

Chris says: “It is my favourite track and certainly one that rings true for me. Lyrically and melodically. I like the pacing of the guitar and the message at hand. I certainly feel the rest and calm of a Sunday each week and feel the song personifies that.”

Chris say “The first time I went to a folk club whilst I was studying music in college, I heard a musician playing ‘Angie’ and I was mesmerised. I asked the musician ‘what piece of music did you just play?’ with intent to learn the piece and wow an audience at a future date. When I arrived home, I listened to the piece played by Bert and it’s safe to say that I was hooked, in the following weeks I went through his catalogue trying to soak up as much information as possible and to this day it has had a lasting effect.

As I moved on to other folk fingerstyle guitar players, I soon learnt that all of my inspirers had been influenced in some way or another by the ability and innovation of Bert’s song writing and guitar playing.”