The Game of Cards

Trad. arr. by Campbell Baum

Recorded in London
January 2021

‘The Game of Cards’ is a traditional song involving two people playing cards, the rules of which were published first back in 1674. The earliest reference of the song itself was in a chapbook from 1750, where it goes under the name ‘The Chester All-Fours Garland’. There are a few variants when it comes to the tune. The one I used for the verse of my arrangement is from the singing of H. Westaway, collected by P Kennedy Belstone, Devon, England, 1950. The song is said to be a euphemism for sex, but I like to think my version is a more innocent account of a card game! The guitar was heavily influenced with Bert’s arrangement of ‘Reynardine’ which I was learning around the time.

Recorded with

Naima Bock – Vocals
Campbell Baum – Guitar/Vocals
Oliver Hamilton – Violin
Frank Wright- Double Bass
Oscar Browne – Banjo


Campbell also recorded All My Trials with Naima, Oliver and Frank.

“I have been aware of Bert’s legacy since I was very young. But it was only when I discovered his discography with Pentangle that I became committed to listening to the vast musical output he left us. It took a few years of listening, before I began to attempt to learn his unique playing style. Since then my admiration for him has only grown.”


Campbell Baum

Artist's own music

The first release on Broadside Hacks, Songs Without Authors, is scheduled for release in 2021, featuring 16 arrangements of traditional songs from artists including James Yorkston, Daragh Lynch (Lankum) and Katy J Pearson. Campbell is currently organising and touring with Broadside Hacks.