Late Night Blues

a piece by Andrea Valeri for Bert Jansch

Recorded in Bergamo
April 2022

Andrea Says: “I remember listening many times to Bert playing ‘Angie’. I was blown away by the feeling he produced performing that song. I think a great part of my tune ‘Late Night Blues’ came out thanks to what I’ve learnt from a Master like him. Bert was the soundtrack to many of my adventures around the planet. He was for sure one of the biggest influences I had in my musical life. I am very thankful for what he did for the guitar and the music world. He has surely changed forever the perspective with which we could look to this instrument.

Andrea adds: “I always had a wonderful connection with Bert’s music: I clearly remember listening to his songs especially during my first years of touring. His soul and music were always a great lesson to me. I could just listen to how he touched the six strings and I immediately realised how much I just learned from that moment.”

Andrea Valeri being filmed

Andrea has released seven solo albums between 2007 and 2020