Named after John McCormick and written by Alex in 1986

Recorded in Redwood Valley California
December 2019

Alex says: “The piece is named for a guitarist and folk musician for whom I produced a recording back in the 80s.  John McCormick was also a big fan of Bert and John, and it seemed like a good way to extend the tradition of the British Isles folk & blues scene that we had both been immersed in as young players.  I like to think there’s a bit of Bert’s sound in this piece.”

“It was a joy to be able to participate. Bert’s music was not only a huge inspiration to me as a young player, but also helped through some difficult times as a teenager. I’m glad to see this project and looking forward to learning more about the Foundation.

“I first heard Bert Jansch’s music as a teenager growing up in Palo Alto in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California.  I spent many a night listening and learning from his solo recordings as well as his work with John Renbourn and the group Pentangle.  I got to meet him in the early 80s at San Francisco Airport when I drove him around town and then to his gig at the Great American Music Hall.  As my own career advanced, I toured a bit with John Renbourn and learned more about the early days of their work together. Bert was a huge influence on my development as a player!”

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