Blues Run the Game

A Jackson C Frank piece that Bert made his own, played by Alan Jordan for Bert Jansch

Recorded in Limerick, Ireland
February 2019

Alan says: “Hearing Bert’s version of this song was the first time I heard it and I instantly fell in love with it. I learned to play it from listening to Bert. I have always loved fingerstyle guitar music, particularly with a folk-blues feel to it. Bert’s music seemed to blend together the styles of music I loved, as simply an integrated expression of himself. While I liked various styles of music, I disliked attempts at fusion that diluted styles. Bert’s music hit the spot for me. Maybe he knew the rules well enough to be able to break them, or something like that!.”

Artist's own music and media

Alan Jordan has recorded a duet album with concertina player Yvonne Bolton, called ‘Silver Threads’, which received positive reviews in 2013, and he has a few recording projects currently in the pipeline.